A magic square for fun

Match each word in Group A with its description in Group B. Each word is used only once. Write the correct number in the correct square. If your answers are correct, all columns, rows, and the two diagonals add up to the same number. One has been given to help you get started 😉

Group A

A. Who F. informative K. swell P. deer U. very
B. schoolhouse G. radar L. down Q. should V. set
C. Detroit H. wider M. into R. it W. we
D. read I. mine N. and S. tallest X. myself
E. jury J. hah O. can’t T.name Y. went

Group B

1. neuter pronoun 13. interrogative
2. present and past tense verb 14. noun, verb, adjective, adverb, and preposition
3. contraction 15. plural pronoun
4. adverb compound noun
5. palindromic noun 17. preposition
6. verb, adjective, and noun 18. reflexive pronoun
7. noun and present, past, and past participle verb form 19. interjection
8. comparative adjective form 21. past tense of the verb “go”
9. superlative adjective form 22. adjective
10. collective noun 23. helping verb
11. noun, verb, and possessive pronoun 24. proper noun
12. verb and noun 25. conjunction

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